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Published in KBB magazine

cool&composed I’ve been very lucky this month, and have had some of my interior design photography work published in Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms magazine (April edition). You can see the cover page to the story above and some more photos I took from the shoot below.

Interior design photography has for a while now been the ‘other side’ to my photography, and is the direction where I would like to go professionally. It was an absolute joy to photograph this wonderful house in West Sussex last May, and am of course thrilled that the pictures have found their way into KBB magazine (they were doing a case study for the company that designed the kitchen).

The hard part is now finding more magazines that I can photograph for, which means I have to become a bit of a sales cold caller and networker, but needs must I guess. It would be worth it to be regularly shooting luxury homes and architecture.

I am also planning on doing another video blog soon regarding the pictures that appeared in KBB and how I processed them. I think it would be a good one, and I have lots of thoughts to share. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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