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Reflections of the National Gallery – A winning photo!


I know it’s not cool to rattle on about your individual achievements as a photographer, and I have no reason to boast about any either, but I was very chuffed that the picture above was a winner in Trey Ratcliff’s photo walk competition in London. As mentioned on a previous post, Trey’s theme for the day was to capture interesting images of other photographer’s taking pictures. The 1st prize was a £1500+ Quadcopter and 5 other winners would receive a ‘shopping spree’ around Trey’s online store. Trey would pick the winners based on his favourite photos from the event.

Having heard the theme, I immediately eradicated any chance of winning, as people photography is just not my thing. I was there to capture the landscapes of London, whilst learning from one of my biggest inspirations in the photography world. It’s funny how things turn out though, because as you can see, one of the photographers decided to take a picture of me, whilst I was trying to capture the National Gallery reflections in the rain-soaked Trafalgar Square. I guess it captured what Trey was after though, which was basically the photo walk event that took place in London.

Now I must state, I was not the overall winner. And in many a sense I’m glad I wasn’t. Of course it would have been nice to say I won, but the truth is beyond the initial fascination and excitement, I would have no idea what to do with the Quadcopter (yes it is a small helicopter that takes pictures). I’m sure I would end up killing someone or myself with it, and therefore, to avoid the prison sentence, it’s best not in my hands. As 1 of the 5 runners up, I have a licence to download a ridiculous amount of Trey’s tutorials from his website, of which I don’t even think I am halfway through yet. It was a great day in London and I’m looking forward to the good man coming back soon. Thanks Trey!


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