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The Epic Westminster

Red Clouds Parliament by Pete HalewoodYou might have guessed that I’m running out of titles for Houses of Parliament pictures, but the name for this one came to me whilst looking at the clouds. This is probably the last photo I will process from the Trey Ratcliff London Photo Walk. I always thought there was 1 photo left from that day, and I also knew it was probably a Parliament one. Of course, not every picture I’ve processed has appeared on this blog yet (they have all been posted on Twitter) but they will be appearing soon.

I took so many pictures across from Westminster while the evening was drawing in, and there was one set of bracketed images that I always kept looking at, which contained the red clouds to the left of the picture. I thought at first that I could perhaps create the picture out of a single exposure, but I was much more satisfied with this the merged HDR version. I blended in the river from a single exposure but the rest is merged from 4 exposures.

As always, please click on the image to see a larger version in Lightbox.

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