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Twitter for Photographers

Twitter does not seem the most obvious platform for a photographer sharing his or her work online, but anyone who follows me (230 people currently, give or take 1 or 2 people by the end of the day) will know that I regularly post photos on Twitter, nearly everyday in fact. It feels good to me, because it is not about getting lots of attention, comments or favourites (though they are always welcome!), it’s just about putting photos out there for everyone to enjoy. I started it a few months ago to bridge the gap between me setting up a new blog site, and it certainly is a lot easier and quicker to post a photo on Twitter than write a blog. I keep it going regardless because as I said, I just enjoy it. I have quite a few years of photographs now to draw on as well, plus I can put up quick snaps I probably would not put up on this blog or social media sites like Flickr.

Some quick Twitter tips I’ve learnt:

1. Post pics at the following resolution: 1024px long edge / 96dpi. Also add screen sharpening if you have the option (like on Lightroom). If you post bigger images, Twitter will convert them to this specification. It’s perfect for Twitter. Every picture on this blog is also posted at this resolution (if you click on them and see them in the Lightbox).

2. Don’t worry too much about hashtags – Everyone will tell you this is what Twitter is about, but I rarely if ever use them these days. Get the words into your tweet with the image and you will get found in the most unlikeliest of places.

3. Try to post pictures of or mentioning the English Civil War – The Sealed Knot reenactment guys go nuts for them! (see point 2)

To end this blog, please see a picture below called ‘Bus to Parliament’. I know my ratio of London pictures on this blog compared to other locations is ridiculous, but I’m running out of them fast!


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