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Miami Nights

Miami Nights by Pete HalewoodI decided to post an old photo today, and with the longest day of the year now been and past, I have to remind myself sometimes of pictures I have taken during the shortest days of the year. Now I was of course lucky to travel with work to Miami a couple of years, and even though it was January, the weather was a lot nicer than it has been in England recently!

Looking back, this was one of those shots I was lucky to get as well. I did own my Nikon D700 at this time, but decided to take my lighter D90 to Miami to get some snappy shots out and about, as I wouldn’t have much time for prolonged photography sessions. I didn’t have my normal tripod with me, but I did take a lightweight gorilla pod (a small flexible tripod) allowing me to prop up the D90 on my hotel balcony, and get this picture of the green Miami nightlife. Had I taken the D700, I would never have got this shot, as it is simply to heavy for the gorilla pod.

It’s always nice to look back at some photos and think how lucky you were to get them, and even a slight change to the gear I took to Miami, would probably have meant I wouldn’t have got this shot.

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