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The Lights of Dubai

DubaiLightsAs promised, here is a more international flavour to my blog this week. I love London, and it is a great place to take photographs, but my ratio of London photographs against any other place in the world this year is overwhelming. So for today we are going over to the Middle East where I found myself in January 2014, being lucky enough to travel there with work.

I was asked to take some pictures of the event the company were organising, which gave me a good excuse to take my Nikon D700 out there, to get some professional shots. This particular picture was of course not on the requirement list, but the hotel we stayed at was on the Palm Jumeirah complex, which gave great views of the Dubai Marina area, and the multiple skyscrapers it houses. Without a tripod, it was not going to be easy, but I was absolutely determined to get a shot of the lights of the skyscrapers across the sea at night.

I took several long exposure shots that evening, using beach chairs and tables as stand-ins for a tripod, but this was the best result. With it being being a moving body of water, I never expected to get a mirror shot, but I was much happier with the way the light was captured on the water, especially the way they curve towards the edge of the water.

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