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The London Jungle

LondonJungleI can’t remember who said it (I think it might have been Rick Sammon) but one of the rules of photography I remember is ‘when you think you’re close, get closer’. It doesn’t always pop into my head on the scene, but I do think about this a lot in post-processing. Today’s picture is a single shot image (wait…no HDR?!) of this part of the river Thames in London. I took the shot wider than you see it here (with Nikkor 24-70mm lens) but couldn’t help but think that the main elements look better bigger. Which means cropping in of course, and though you might lose some nice features around the edges, sometimes it’s a sacrifice you agree to make for a bigger, bolder image.

I came up with the London Jungle title, because I got half  a sense of Vietnam war movie while looking at this image. It’s probably the trees and HMS Belfast towards the left of the picture, I know the Skyscrapers don’t exactly shout Vietnam (though I haven’t ‘google earthed’ it recently).

New Photoshop and Lightroom 2015

It hardly seems like anytime ago I had updated my Photoshop and Lightroom package, but now the time has come to do it all again. I haven’t checked out the new features yet and am of course grateful for any features they are implementing, but it isn’t half a drag loading all new versions every so often. I don’t believe I have the slowest computer in the world and yet it means I have to be at my desk for 2-3 hours straight, and then have to spend some time making sure all my plugins have made it across ok as well. I hope the new features are worth it…..

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