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The View from St. James’ Park

BuckinghamPondI know a title like that sounds like I’m asking for the opinion of a Newcastle United fan before a big game, but in this case it is much easier to understand, it is simply a picture of Buckingham Palace from the popular park that surrounds it. This is not an HDR image, and was simply meant as a quick snapshot of the day, but I was surprised to think afterwards how I don’t think I have seen a photograph of Buckingham Palace from this point of view. I initially posted it on a Twitter a couple of weeks ago but it has grown on me since then.

Having been on 2 trips to London already this year, I am a bit heavy with the London pictures, and yet whilst I have more to come, I intend to balance it out with some interior photography shots some older pictures from other parts of the world.

Return to Regular Blogging

I am a human blogger in the sense that it has always been inspiration and motivation that has driven me in the past, which I know has meant I have not been as regular as I should be. To that degree, I am now reverting to blogging every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This seems anti-artistic, but there is no reason not to blog regularly, even if I have little to say and just post an old picture with some new thoughts. I will have a new blog post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so hope to see you here!

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