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Welcome to London

WelcomeLondonI’ve taken and published so many pictures of London, I could probably produce a book of London photos now. I’ll put that thought aside for now, but today’s photo is from the Hay’s Galleries area near London Bridge. As an interior photographer, I loved finding this little area, with its artwork and wonderful roof. It would have helped a lot if I had my new 14-24mm wide angle lens and a tripod with me, but this was not a photography trip. One of the most interesting views I found was when I turned round and saw the view across the river Thames and onto The City.

To prove my peace with Lightroom’s HDR feature, I did indeed create this image with 5 exposures combined using the HDR merge feature in Lightroom. There was no need for me to heavily tone map this image, but I still needed the multiple exposures to combine the light from within darker Hay Galleries areas to The City outside.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Will be back here on Monday!

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