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How to Create Artistic Photos with your iPhone

iphoneFairgroundMobile phones and devices have been able to create great photographic images for a good few years now, but I wish people knew how easy it is to turn regular iPhone photos into something more artistic and interesting.

So I’m going to give you the simple ingredients that take you from having a regular picture of the local fun fair, to an image such as the one above.

My iPhone photo app of choice is SnapSeed. I’ve tried others, but this is always king for me. You can download it for free at the app store (or whatever platform you have).

There is a short learning curve on how to use SnapSeed, but you should have it worked out in a few minutes. It normally involves selecting a certain filter, swiping up and down to select a particular function (brightness for instance), and then swiping left and right to increase or decrease the strength of that function.

To create an artistic effect like the one above, you only need to use 3 filters: Frame, Grunge and Tune Image:

Tune Image – This is your general tonal adjustments, such as contrast, brightness and saturation etc. Use these functions until you have the look you like.

Grunge – There are a great many looks you can achieve with this filter, so I encourage you to keep swiping across until you find the look you want. This brings the art into your photo. You can also increase or decrease the strength of the texture.

Frame – Self-explanatory. There are also a good number of frame options but for something more interesting, use a frame that isn’t standard or boring.

You can use the filters in any order, but however you choose to do it, I would normally finish with the ‘Tune Image’ filter at the end, so I can tweak any tonal adjustments if necessary. Of course, you can use a couple of other filters such as Sharpening or Straighten, if you require them, but the 3 filters I have mentioned specifically in this post will be enough to create more interesting photos with your iPhone.

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