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National Parks: A Photographer’s Paradise

Waterfall of ZakopaneSorry for my late blog today. I really want to blame the poor internet service we have had here for the last couple of days, but I’m sure someone will say I’m just making excuses. Oh well, it’s back up and running now…touch wood.

This weekend I’m very excited to be visiting the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, the first time I have visited there. It finally gives me a chance (more excuses) to try out my new Nikkor 14-24mm lens which I bought a few weeks ago. I also bought an L Bracket, and if you know what that is, please leave a comment! I need to do lots of research though, because I know very little about the Brecon Beacons and what to expect there. I know there are a few good waterfall shots to be had, and I’m hoping to come back on Sunday evening with a whole weekend full of landscape shots.

Any National Park is of course a creative gold mine for a photographer. Today’s picture was taken in southern Poland, in the Zakopane region. It is a very mountainous area, but the most enjoyment for me was walking through the forests that lead up to the mountains, where you can find little gems like this stream. It gave me an opportunity to set up my tripod and give a quick demonstration of long exposure photography to the friends and family I was with. this was the best shot of my brief session!

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