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Old Postcard from Venice

MemoriesofVeniceJust a quick blog post today, it took me long enough to decide which picture to post. I’ve already said that my photographic crop from last weekend’s Brecon Beacons trip would be very small, and in fact I think I may have posted the only 2 ‘keepers’ to come out of it. The further you go down your photographic journey, the harder it is to please yourself. I really do have to like every single picture I post on this blog, rather than just another tourist snap.

Anyway, I hope today’s picture isn’t viewed as any old tourist snap, though of course it is of a tourist activity. It’s been 4 years since I visited Venice, and like many other cities I’ve visited, I have always said I will go back soon, but soon often never happens. I thought my days processing pictures from that Venice trip in 2011 were long gone, but every time I go through them, I am reminded of this little picture which I processed into a rather vintage looking image. I cannot remember when I first started processing it, but it is potentially years ago. I looked at it again last night and realised it needed a further crop (was too wide) and a bit of spot healing, but once that was done I had the photo I had envisioned a long time ago.

Scott Kelby in London

Photography trainer supreme Scott Kelby was in London on Tuesday on his ‘Shoot like a Pro: Reloaded tour’ and to say he blew away my expectations is an understatement. Scott makes the art of photography a lot simpler then I always think it is, and his wonderful speaking skills and great sense of humour keep you engaged the whole time. If you ever get the chance to see him live, do not miss the opportunity!

Final Thought

I realise now after I have posted it, that this image has one last edit to be completed. The guy in the t-shirt and cap has to go! Sorry dude! I’ll post my update next week!

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