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The London Eye can still see you!

LondonEyeFreedomFinally, there is some good news for photographers! Yesterday the members of the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to keep ‘Freedom of Panorama’ which essentially means the freedom to photograph buildings (and in some cases public interiors), and to be able to publish these pictures, without seeking the consent of the architect and or public ownership rights holders. Had Freedom of Panorama been voted against, it would have made it difficult to be able to take photos of city skyline’s (such as the one above), without having to edit out the London Eye, or other major landmarks.

Now I am not pretending I understand all the facts, I have seen arguments stating that it actually could not have become law or had any real impact, but I am glad that we don’t have to go down that route anyway. Copyright is a tricky argument with photographers as well, and there is a larger debate to be had here, but it would certainly be a major artistic restriction not to be able to photograph the amazing architectural features of this country and others. Another nail in the coffin of creative arts so to speak.

It’s nice to end the week with a bit of good news. As I stated on Wednesday, I’m now off to the Brecon Beacons National Park for the weekend, and hope to come back with a healthy load of new photographs to publish!

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