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The Race for Life, Newbury

RaceForLifeNewburyOf all the things I am most proud about living in the UK, our absolute devotion to charity is probably the greatest. I know I don’t really have any countries to compare it with, but it is amazing how people can unite strongly behind a certain cause that really touches their hearts.

Yesterday was the ladies of Newbury turn to show their dedication to fighting cancer, by taking part in the Race for Life. A 5km run in aid of raising money for Cancer Research UK. I was there supporting my wife and many of her friends, and can say that behind the deep meaning of the event, it was a very enjoyable day out. I took my camera mainly for personal reasons but wanted to try and capture a bit of the event itself as well. Picturing running athletes is never easy, especially when you have no time to focus on one particular person, but as I have said before, the key is to just keep shooting! There will be some good pictures among them.

I would like to say a massive congratulations to all the people who took part in the event, you all did great! And I’m sure a boat load of money was raised for Cancer Research, so everyone who took part should very proud of themselves.RaceForLifeNewbury2

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