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The Stars of the Land of Egypt

EgyptStarsHaving displayed photographs from Asia and Europe this week, I thought what was needed is a picture from Africa. Now the only country I have visited in Africa is Egypt, so my choice is pretty limited, but nonetheless it’s still very different from anywhere you will see in Europe.

It was a kind of a back to basics thing finding this photograph and post-processing it yesterday. It wasn’t a complicated process and I processed nearly all of it in Adobe Lightroom (I did a little work as well in Nik Color Efex 4). But what I love about processing this way is it reminds me of why I fell in love with photography in the first place – visiting places and coming back with records of the trip. At the time I got the photography bug, it wasn’t necessarily about getting great photographs, just photos that told the story of the trip to wherever we were visiting.

This was a little rooftop restaurant in the old market town area of Sharm El Sheikh, and what initially caught my eye was I thought one of the men in the picture was Humphrey Bogart, giving it a kind of Hollywood feel. I realise now it is not Bogart and these guys could be famous Egyptian actors or no one in particular, but I still like the visual element created. That coupled with the warm sunset made this a picture I always liked, but have never actually done anything with until now.

Scott Kelby in London

I initially did not have the opportunity but now a holiday cancellation at work has meant that I am able to take a trip to London on July 14th to see the Scott Kelby seminar ‘Shoot like a pro: Reloaded’. I’m very excited to attend this seminar and spend a day listening to the highest selling digital photography author in the world. If you’re going as well, give me a shout!

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