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The Valleys

BlaenavonWell I wasn’t sure if I was going to post another picture from recent Wales trip but here it is. This is from the World Heritage Site of Blaenavon in south east Wales. There was both an ironworks and coal mining industry in Blaenavon, but with the closure of the coal mine in 1980, both industries were gone.

I did not have time to visit the big pit, where the coal mining took place. My visit was confined to the heritage town, where the people lived and socialised, and still do, but with a much reduced population. The town runs down a fairly steep hill, and beyond that on the other side, you can see the beautiful green hills.

This is an HDR image, but I did not intend it to be. It is a bracketed image from 4 exposures, but when I was first processing this, I was only using the single metered exposure. I realised though that I had to make an HDR image, as the clouds in the single image were becoming too blown out, when adjusting the contrast. I still tried to keep the realism of the scene and have tried not to let the clouds look too ‘HDR’. It’s not a great time to take HDR images during the daytime, it works much nicer in softer light, but when you only have a certain amount of time in a particular area, it’s always worth to keep bracketing your exposures, to make sure you cover the light range if necessary.

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