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The Wroclaw Saxophonist

Wroclaw Saxophonist by Pete HalewoodContinuing my international theme this week, and delving back into my archives at the same time, today’s picture was taken a couple of years ago in Wroclaw, Poland. I am by and large not a people photographer, but I am always eager to capture examples of the living local culture and people within their city. I accept that most photographs probably are more interesting with a human element to them (to most viewers anyway).

This guy was absolutely playing his heart out whilst we were walking towards the spectacular Wroclaw Cathedral, and so it presented a perfect opportunity to capture the life within a city. Naturally, I did not take just 1 picture and move on. I took several pictures of the saxophonist, and like any people photographer, simply chose the best shot of the several pictures I took. He was so wrapped up in his playing that he seemed completely oblivious to me taking pictures of him.


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