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Love January – Everyday is a new opportunity

Young runner tying her shoelaces outside in winter nature

January is not the time for sadness. It is not the time for wishing time itself away. January is a time for planting. A time for action. And action of course is the antidote to sadness and boredom.

When you have a higher purpose you are striving towards, the bleak January mornings will not faze you. Everyday is a gift and a new opportunity to become the person you envision yourself becoming. Yes the Christmas and New Year parties are over, but life of course goes on. They will come round again soon enough. The question is; how will your life be different when they do come back round? Will you be celebrating a glorious year of progression and achievement, or will you be in despair at another year of inaction and wasted opportunities? We only get a certain amount of years.

In the Medieval age, January was springtime. A time to plant vegetables, that hopefully would result in a summer or autumn harvest. Indeed they were at the mercy of the elements and luck if they did see the fruits of their sowing, but there was a clear way to ensure you would yield no vegetables, and that was to not plant at all.

Now is your spring. Never mind what the weather is like outside, this is the time to get busy planting. How lucky we are to have today as an opportunity to make life happen. It is the greatest gift. Love January, and turn the sadness and despair of the short, cold days to create a magnificent harvest later in the year.

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