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Your Secret and Unique Code to a Happier Life

code word as a password to combination puzzle box with rings of letters

“I’m a twenty-digit combination to unlock” – I Keep Mine Hidden by The Smiths

The tears were streaming down their faces. They were hugging each other in the isles. They even needed a few extra moments to compose themselves before leaving. Yes, we all miss a good wedding on a beautiful summers day, but this was a screening of a film called A Monster Calls last Friday night. The emotions of the cinema-goers that day were very real too.

I will refrain from a full critical analysis of the film, but I will say that it did not have the previously mentioned effect on me. The emotion was indeed high; what film about a boy’s struggle to deal with his mother’s terminal illness wouldn’t be? I questioned myself afterwards to conclude if I really do have a heart of stone, but luckily, I think that is a negative. Whilst the film does indeed try to be very philosophical, the key lesson I took from the film was actually whilst watching the audience. And it was simply this; that my truth is not your truth and your truth is not mine.

When we watch a particular movie at the cinema, we bring to it our whole life experience up to that moment. This goes for every single moment of our lives. A strong, emotional film such as A Monster Calls can remind us of certain experiences along our life’s journey and tug on our heartstrings. But of course we all have different experiences and different emotional sensors, and so a film of any kind cannot hit us all in exactly the same way. It takes the right code of emotional impact to unlock all that happiness, pain, sadness and beauty that can cause people to become a teary wreck in their seats.

The code to unlock all our emotional sensors, including happiness, is unique to us, and so we have to find it out ourselves. It is a humbling realisation for someone who wants to coach and train people in personal development. Fortunately, there are many traits and consistencies of success and happiness, but if there was 1 exact code, we could all punch it in and everything would be fine right? Well there isn’t, and that is why my truth is not yours. It is why relying on persuasion is often doomed to fail. What makes me happy, may not make you happy and what I think is true, is not necessarily what you see as true. Our best chance of helping others is if we get to know who they are and realise the struggles and challenges they have had. Only then can we help them unlock their code together.

The only way we can help ourselves become happy or successful is to go through life as inspiration directs. Find that book today you think you need to read. If something is telling you to watch a certain film, go and watch it. Contact that person your brain keeps telling you to. Inspiration, or a ‘gut feeling’, is a mysterious topic, but wherever it comes from, listen to it and let it guide you. Some things will work and some won’t, but along the way you will discover more truth about yourself. The unique truth that can lead you to a better life.

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